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Aluminum Fabrication at it's Best...

Blue Mountain Enterprises, LLC, based in Clarkston, Washington, specializes in building high-quality aluminum fabricated products including:



Aluminum Watering Troughs: 


Our aluminum water troughs provide a cost effective, long term solution to all your livestock watering needs. These troughs are 1\3 the weight of steel, will not rust, and are easier to install than comparable steel or plastic troughs. All troughs come standard with 2----1 1/2" couplers for your plumbing needs. Custom trough sizes and additional couplers available by request.


Aluminum Flatbeds: 


Our aluminum flatbeds are designed to be lightweight, and highly durable. Due to the many different uses and needs of our customers we feel that being able to customize our flatbeds is a very important feature. We offer a standard bed design so we can ensure strength and durability, and then allow our customers to customize the beds from there. For the do-it-yourselfer's we offer the bed only with no wiring and no lights and you can customize and accessorize the bed yourself.


Aluminum Hatches: 


More information coming soon.  Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs!

aluminum hatch

aluminum hatch

aluminum hatch


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